ULV Fogger TR05

TR 05 ULV Cold fogger especially in the spread of indoor disinfection, public living areas, public transportation vehicles, restaurants, hotels, greenhouses and so on. It is a device for killing harmful bacteria, insects, fungus and pathogens in such places. All kind of liquid based disinfectant, insecticide can be used on it

In addition, thanks to its 6-stage adjustable droplet size, it can be distributed homogeneously to the environment through aerosol technology from 09 microns to 49 microns in dry and wet area. In this way, disinfection and fogging of all surfaces and air is ensured. Another element providing homogeneity is the ability to spray 270 degrees.

TR05 ULV Fogger

Motor 1400W, 220V AC, 50-60 hz
Solution Depot Capacity 5 lt
Solution Output Flow rate 0-49 lt / h adjustable
Droplet size 9-49 micron adjustable six level
Sprayer Distance 10-12 mt
Rotation Ability 270 degree left, right at constant speed
Timer Min 00:01 m , Max 99:99 delay time
Working time Adjustable working time up to 1 hour
Empty Weight 6,1 kg
Sizes (cm)52x19x50