ULV Fogger H05

ULV Fogger H05 is one of the outstanding models of the ULV foggers which takes the advantage of electricity in order to operate. The machine perfectly carries out the operations with the water and oil combination engine. It will not be possible for you to find such excellent aerosol application with any other machine in the industry. Its 1400w, 220V AC, the 50hz engine will allow you to carry out any operation you want with maximum efficiency with ease no matter you are a business or individual who is the property owner.

Thanks to its storage tank which can get ingredients up to 5 liters, the fogger will allow you to operate for longer times until you will be out of pesticide in the tank. The model also attracts attention with its great solution output flow rate which is 0-49 l/h and quite competitive in the industry. In addition to these, the solution droplet size can be preferred between 9 to 49 microns as well. The empty weight of the device is 5,3 kilos which allow you to carry the machine with ease without causing any problems related to your health.

In case you are looking for a long lasting and cheap solution for your pest problem, then ULV Fogger H05 can easily address and meet your needs. They are suitable for both commercial and individual use too. Thanks to its low weight and smaller sizes when compared with the other foggers, we can easily tell that these products are quite handy. Keep in mind that you can intervene to any pest problem with these machines but never ever neglect the importance of taking the required safety measurements before any application. You can obtain one of these machines and use for the lifetime whenever you will have the need for these types of foggers.

Ulv Fogger H05 Technical Details

Motor1400w, 220V AC, 50hz
Solution Tank Capacity5 Litre
Solution Output Flow rate0-49 l/h
Solution Droplet size9-49 micron
Empty Weight5,3 Kg
Dimensions50 x 17 x 50


You can use Electrical ULV Foggers with safely at places such as ;Greenhouses, hospitals, schools,houses, restaurants, holiday sites, food places, dairies, poultry yards, depots, barns etc