ULV Fogger H20

The H20 is another one of our best-selling electrical ULV foggers, owing to its outstanding quality and adjustable options. The cold fogger’s high air compression ratio means that it can produce particles anywhere between 9-49 microns – making it highly effective against mosquitoes and similar small insects.

You can use this insect fogger for a variety of applications – from getting rid of pungent odors to killing pests outdoors and misting plants in your greenhouse. Being a quality fogging device, you won’t have to worry about any propane emissions or fogging solution heat-up.

With its 50 x 60 x 50 dimensions and 9.8kg weight, it is relatively easy to carry and use. The H20 electrical ULV fogger boasts a powerful 1400w, 220V AC, 50Hz motor, with a solution output flow rate of 0-49 I/h. The solution tank can also hold an impressive 10-20 litres.


Ulv Fogger H20 Technical Details

Motor1400w, 220V AC, 50hz
Solution Tank Capacity10-20 Litre
Solution Output Flow rate0-49 l/h
Solution Droplet size9-49 micron
Empty Weight9,8 Kg
Dimensions50 x 60 x 50

Where can I use it?

Use your H05 ULV cold fogger in greenhouses, hospitals, schools, homes, restaurants, holiday sites, food places, dairy farms, poultry yards, depots, barns, etc.