RTB 18 2F ULV Fogger Machine

RTB 18 2F ULV Fogger Machibe(truck mounted) designed in order to disinfection public areas such us parks, hospitals, holiday sites, hotels, gardens, dairy farms etc. It is operated from driver cabin easily by remote control .

RTB 18 2F ULV Machine

Motor 18 HP, vanguard - bliggs
Blower Root blower Up to 11 cubic meter / per minute air.
ULV Nozzle2 pcs
ULV Cap Moving System230 degree left-right – 180 degree up down on remote control
ControlRemote control
Sprayer Distance 10-15 mt without wind effect.
Droplet Size % 80 less than 20 micron
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 lt stainless steel with gauge
Solution Tank Capacity 60 lt stainless steel with gauge
Flushing systemYes
Working Time indicator Yes on remote control
Sizes 130x115x141 cm
Weight 240 kg