Mini ULV Fogger

The Mini ULV Foggers allow users to handle their insect problems with both outdoor and indoor applications. It will be possible for you to carry out the application for outdoor plants which suffer pests, gardens with high mosquito population, any type of indoor venues and any area that you experience the problem. As it can be understood from its name these devices are the smaller forms of ULV foggers which bear the same features with a smaller capacity and lighter weight. These devices also come with a hose which is extensible in order to help you to reach the areas that you can not reach with your own efforts without using any tools.

 In this way, you will not have to worry to reach attics, gutters and any similar area where you would not like to get close due to hygienic purposes. The devices take the advantage of cold spraying technique in order to create and release the fog which is deadly for many pests. The device is not recommended for commercial uses due to its low capacity when compared with the regular ULV foggers. However, this is not a limitation for such purpose too in case you are okay with it because you will not see any difference in terms of the quality of the task. They are best for individual purposes where you can disinfect your small business or home.

The device has 1400W engine which is quite powerful for a device at these sizes. It comes with a resistant body and a tank where the extendable hose which we mentioned earlier can reach up to 30 feet away. This portable Mini ULV Fogger device’s particle size, as well as flow rate, are adjustable and you can prefer 15 to 30 microns for the application of the pesticide.