Thermal Fogger HTF-100

The HTF-100 thermal fogging machine offers a superb combination of high quality components and performance, as well as compliance with the Equipment for Vector Control guidelines set by WHO.

This thermal fogger is a best-in-class first choice for many users, with a broad range of applications. With international standard manufacturing, a robust 95 HP motor and a stainless steel 7 lt fuel tank, the HTF-100 is particularly useful for outdoor applications and best utilized when mounted on the back of a truck.

This high-end fogging machine can also house up to 80 litres of solution depot and can be continuously operated for 2 hours.

Thermal Fogger HTF-100

Power 95 HP 60900 kcal/h
Fuel Tank Volume7 lt – Optional stainless steel or PE / Gasoline
Flow Rate Adjustable
Control Remote Control from Driver cabinet.
Startup system Automatic by remote control 12 V AC
Control nozzles 2 mm
Average Fuel Consumption 3.2 lt/ h
Pesticide Depot Capacity 70 lt or 40+40 lt optional stainless steel
Automatic cut off Yes
Average Solution Consumption Not less than 70 lt/ h
Empty Weight 56-70 kg
Dimension 70x90x90
Spare Parts - Set of flow control jets (to control nozzles)
- Fuel fillers and pesticide fillers (for suppression)
- Set of cleaning tools with a brush up to the end of the tube
- Set of gaskets

Thermal Foggers Application Fields

  • Pest control in Greenhouses and Plant Cold Storages.
  • Plant protection in field of crops and Forest, ant- and mouse control,Protection against Frost.
  • Animal Protection (Disinfection and pest control of barns, poultry, sheep pens and other livestock buildings.)
  • Warehouse protection
  • Sanitation and Disinfection public bathrooms, hospitals, railway wagons, trucks, and buildings,
  • Public Health (insect, mosquito control in Public places such as Parks, Lake sides, Underground sewage channels) in hotels, food production plants, private gardens and lawns.
  • Aim of Camouflage Effects in Cinema, theatre and, fire fighting excercises