Thermal Fogger HTF-100

Thermal Fogger HTF-100 model is one of the foggers that you can use by mounting the product on the back of your truck. In this way, it will be possible for you to carry out the operation you want in a much more faster manner. However since it can be only used by mounting it on a vehicle, these models are not suitable for indoor. The product can be turned on or off from a remote controller which can be placed in the cabin of the vehicle. The driver or the passenger can control this easy to use commander easily.

Let us share some of the outstanding features of our product. The product has 95 horsepower which is a good indicator that it can provide faster and more effective solution. The fuel tank volume of the thermal fogger is 7 liters and it consumes 3.2 liters of fuel on average on an hourly basis which will provide you more than 2 hours as a continuous operation. Since you will be mounting the device on your truck, two-hours will be enough for you to complete your operation easily. The fogger device also has 70 or 80 liters of solution depot capacity.

Thermal Fogger HTF-100 is able to consume all of the depots in one hour and the total empty weight of the machine 35 kilos. You can carry out any operation with ease thanks to these great machines which have their own reputation in the industry. They provide all of the individual benefits of all foggers in the industry with a single mechanism. Keep in mind that the solution consumption of the devices may vary depending on the solution you will be preferring to use. Get your own product and eliminate the need of regular expense you have to pay for the disinfection of your areas.

Thermal Fogger HTF-100

Power 95 HP
Fuel Tank Volume7 LT
Average Fuel Consumption3.2 LT/h
Solution Depot Capacity70 LT
Average Solution Consumption70 LT/h
Empty Weight35 kg

Thermal Foggers Application Fields

  • Pest control in Greenhouses and Plant Cold Storages.
  • Plant protection in field of crops and Forest, ant- and mouse control,Protection against Frost.
  • Animal Protection (Disinfection and pest control of barns, poultry, sheep pens and other livestock buildings.)
  • Warehouse protection
  • Sanitation and Disinfection public bathrooms, hospitals, railway wagons, trucks, and buildings,
  • Public Health (insect, mosquito control in Public places such as Parks, Lake sides, Underground sewage channels) in hotels, food production plants, private gardens and lawns.
  • Aim of Camouflage Effects in Cinema, theatre and, fire fighting excercises