Backpack Ulv Fogger HG

The Backpack ULV Fogger HG model is one of our other portable and that is why handy pest control machines which are one of the top quality products in the industry. The most outstanding feature of these models is they are totally portable. This means that you can put the machine on your back and start wandering in the areas where the pest problem is intense. These machines will help you to get rid of your any pest related problems in a short period of time while you do not have to pay costly pest disinfection services.

Some of the features that make our machines more efficient and preferable are; the Backpack ULV Fogger HG model is totally gasoline driven which will allow you to continue your operation even you will run out of the fuel by filling it with gasoline that you brought together with you. In addition to this, the model has 10 liters of storage capacity that will allow you a continuous operations for larger areas at a single time. You can set the solution output flow rate to 0 to 40 l/h and in addition to these machines have adjustable 9 to 49-micron solution droplet sizes.

The total weight of the fogger without any solution in it is 11 kilos. They are mainly designed for the outdoor and you can easily take the advantage of these foggers at any venue from tea gardens to hotels, your backyard to any specific open field. In case you are looking for a solution which will be permanent than these Backpack ULV Fogger HG models are the things you are looking for. You will not have to pay any fee anymore to expensive services since the solution for your problem will be in your hands, waiting in the place where you will store the product.


Backpack Ulv Fogger HG

Motor3 HP, 7000 rpm, Kawasaki 2 stroke, 53,2 cubic meter
Solution Tank Capacity5 LT
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,1 lt / gasoline
Solution Output Flow rate1-20 l/h
Solution Droplet size9-49 μ
IgnitionAutomatic / ON-OFF
Empty Weight11 Kg

Where can I use it?

A variety of small or large indoor/outdoor areas such as your own backyard, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, or any open space where large areas need to be covered.