Thermal Fogger HTF-10

Thermal fogger HTF-10 model is one of the models which is known for its high efficiency in the industry. This effective fogging machine can be carried over the shoulder of the user with ease in addition to it can be mounted on the back of any pickup. These multi-optional choices allow a great opportunity for people to meet their two needs at a time. The model is suitable to carry out its operation with all kinds of pesticides in order to meet the need for any type of pest problems at anywhere.

The model has 28 horsepower with 2.1 liters of fuel tank volume which will ensure a continuous operation for longer periods than most of the portable fogger models in the industry. In addition to these features, the model has solution depot capacity of 10 liters and it uses very low amounts of fuel. The model consumes 11 liters of fuel on an hourly basis when used without any interruption. Moreover, it consumes 5 to 15 liters of a solution on an hourly basis but this greatly depends on the type as well as the quality of the solution you will be using.

The model is also one of the lightest products in the industry with its 8,5 kilos of empty weight. You can take the advantage of these models for greenhouses and other related areas where you keep your plants. You will ensure a pest free environment for the plants you are growing for any purpose. Since these models allow you to use any type of pesticides, you will be also able to save your money and use the pesticides you trust or need. Thanks to these handy models you will not have to spend your money in order to receive services to get rid of your problems.

Thermal Fogger HTF-10

Power 28 HP - 17,5 kW
Fuel Tank Volume2.1 LT
IgnitionElectronic ignition coil fed by 4 x 1.5V "A"dry Batteries
Average Fuel Consumption1-1,9 lt/ h
Start up System Manual
Solution Depot Capacity5-10 lt (Optional)
Cut off System Optional
Average Solution Consumption5-15 lt/ h
Empty Weight8,6 kg
Sizes (cm)125x38x33

Thermal Foggers Application Fields

  • Pest control in Greenhouses and Plant Cold Storages.
  • Plant protection in field of crops and Forest, ant- and mouse control,Protection against Frost.
  • Animal Protection (Disinfection and pest control of barns, poultry, sheep pens and other livestock buildings.)
  • Warehouse protection
  • Sanitation and Disinfection public bathrooms, hospitals, railway wagons, trucks, and buildings,
  • Public Health (insect, mosquito control in Public places such as Parks, Lake sides, Underground sewage channels) in hotels, food production plants, private gardens and lawns.
  • Aim of Camouflage Effects in Cinema, theatre and, fire fighting excercises