Mistblower Cobra 10

All the functions of Cobra 10 Mistblower controlled by remote control. Cobra 10 mistblower gives excellent results at disinfection and insect controls. It is easy to set up on truck or small pickups easily.

Motor/GeneratorHonda 23HP - 12 KVA Starter Motor
Spraying System Mistblower - ULV - Holder
Pump 15 lt/ m , 50 Bar
ULV Nozzle 5+1 pcs
ULV Cap moving system 360 degree right-left 210 degree up-down
Remote ControlJoystick cap controlled , Formulation start-stop, lighting.
Spraying Distance30-35 meter horizontal , 25 meter vertical
Fuel Tank Capacity20 lt
Fuel Consumption5.7 lt /hour
Solution Tank Capacity 200 lt fixed, 500 Liter optional.
Solution consumption (ULV)100 Lt/h (15-60 µ)
Solution Consumption (Larva) 200 - 500 lt / h
Solution Formulation EC - SC - WP
Power Spray0 - 50 bar 50 m. hose
Weight280 kg
Sizes98/125/150 cm

Mistblower Application Fields

  • Mosquite, Fly, sandfly, acarid control
  • Plant protection in field of crops and Forest, tree disinfections
  • Grasslands, road sides, lake and river sides
  • Fruit, vegetable gardens
  • Sanitation and Disinfection pultry, barns, sheep folds
  • Public Health (insect, mosquito control in Public places such as Parks, Lake sides, Underground sewage channels) in hotels, food production plants, private gardens and lawns.
  • Food plants, depots, stocks, warehouses