Minix ULV Fogger

The MİNİX ULV Foggers allow users to handle their insect problems with both outdoor and indoor applications. It will be possible for you to carry out the application for outdoor plants which suffer pests, gardens with high mosquito population, any type of indoor venues and any area that you experience the problem. Also this device can be used to killing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and pathogens in such places. Any type of disinfectant may be used on the device according to the ability of the liquid based infection. These devices are smaller form of ULV foggers which bear the same features with a smaller capacity and lighter weight. The devices take the advantage of cold spraying technique in order to create and release the fog which is deadly for many pests. The device has 1400W engine which is quite powerful for a device at these sizes. This portable MİNİX ULV Fogger device’s particle size, as well as flow rate, are adjustable and you can prefer 5 to 45 microns for the application of the pesticide.

Ulv Fogger H05 Technical Details

Motor1400w, 220V-230V AC, 50 -60 hz
Solution Tank Capacity2 Liters
Spray Nozzle 1 pcs.
Solution Droplet size5-45 Micron
Empty Weight2.7 Kg
Dimensions14.5x28x36 cm