Greenhouse ULV Fogger

Throughout each cultivation period, controlling pests becomes a key issue. The traditional sprayer method is not practical as it is not only time-consuming but also detrimental to plant and human health. This is where a high-quality ULV fog machine comes in.

The Serastar-2 greenhouse fogger has proven to be highly useful for ‘space fumigating’ areas in order to control flying insects like whiteflies, leaf miners, thrips, etc. The crop destroying insects will fly out from their hiding spots, and soon succumb to the lethal airborne droplets.

This innovative ULV fog machine is the perfect way to protect your precious greenhouse with the right fungicides and disinfectants – and it’s fully automatic, operated through a remote control and panel-mounted timer.

The insecticide can be sprayed up to 80-100 meters, while the droplet size can be adjusted between 8 and 50 microns. The solution storage tank can easily hold up to 50 litres of depot.

Greenhouse ulv fogger Technical Specification

Power 5.5 kW
Voltage 380 V
Blowing Capacity80.000 m3
Electrostatic Loading SystemAutomatic on remote control
Cap lifting Automatic on remote control
Cap Angle Adjustment Manuel 30 Degree
Remote control Mod-1 & Mod-2 Program
Stop Automatic after work
Depot Volume50 lt.
Washing Depot Volume 5 lt.
ULV Cap 2 pcs
Droplet size 8-50 micron. oto. adjutable
Mixer Automatic on remote control
Spraying Distance80-100 meter
Spraying Capacity 8.000 - 10.000 m2
Washing System Automatic after work
Weight 135 kg