ULV Fogger H20

ULV Fogger 20 Models is excellent that application of chemical integrients with water and oil based  at very low volume. Our Company production of Ulv Foggers use high technology at application of  aeresol.This Ulv Foggers are designed especially for Greenhouses, depots and places where you dont want to be exposed pesticide or insecticide.

Ulv Fogger H20 Technical Details

Motor1400w, 220V AC, 50hz
Solution Tank Capacity10-20 Litre
Solution Output Flow rate0-49 l/h
Solution Droplet size9-49 micron
Empty Weight9,8 Kg
Dimensions50 x 60 x 50


You can use Electrical ULV Foggers with safely at places such as ;Greenhouses, hospitals, schools,houses, restaurants, holiday sites, food places, dairies, poultry yards, depots, barns etc