Backpack Ulv Fogger HE

The Backpack ULV Fogger HE is a fogger which is electricity driven that will not cause any additional cost in terms of the fuel. All you have to do is be sure about your have charged your equipment before any use with the help of any plug socket. These small but handy devices allow you to mix the pesticide with oil and water in order to start the application you need to get rid of the annoying pest problems. These machines are manufactured by using the latest technology in order to obtain the best results and features in a fogger machine.

 The machine has 1400w, 220V AC, the 50hz engine which is quite powerful for a machine in these sizes. The capacity of the storage tank is 10 to 20 liters which are considerably light heaviness that mankind can carry on his back. In addition to these features, the machine has 0-49 l/h solution output flow rate that will allow you to operate both outdoors and indoors with ease and in an effective manner. You can adjust the solution droplet size between 9 to 49 microns. The machine itself weighs 9,8 kilos.

These type of electricity foggers provide an easy use at indoor venues such as hospitals, holiday sites and other similar businesses and accommodation facilities. These foggers will be your best friend in terms of getting rid of your pest related problems and you will not have to pay the small fortune to pest companies in each time you need them. Thanks to this handy Backpack ULV Fogger HE, you can put the machine on your back and start wandering in your private area to make it pest free again. You can guarantee the high-quality results in a short period of time with these handy and portable machines.

Ulv Fogger H20 Technical Details

Motor1400w, 220V AC, 50hz
Solution Tank Capacity10-20 Litre
Solution Output Flow rate0-49 l/h
Solution Droplet size9-49 micron
Empty Weight9,8 Kg
Dimensions50 x 60 x 50


You can use Electrical ULV Foggers with safely at places such as ;Greenhouses, hospitals, schools,houses, restaurants, holiday sites, food places, dairies, poultry yards, depots, barns etc