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HSC İlaclama Ltd. Sti. which has been in operation since 1993 with the production of public health equipment, has become the leading company in the industry in Turkey in time by blending the customer needs and expectations with technological developments.

The principle of HSC İlaclama Ltd. Sti. is hundred percent customer satisfaction and it continuously improving the product variety with its experienced staff and infrastructure.

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HSC Company

Disinfection is necessary for more healthy and quality life. We must not forget, basic of our main target should be protect human life, nature and environment. Humanity must respect nature and mustn’t broke balance of nature . ULV is friend of nature and humanity.


Greenhouse Sera Star HSC ULV Fog Machines leader at application of water and oil based chemical ingredient with very low volume (0-49 micron) spraying and fogging. Our Ulv Fogger machines use high technology at application of  aeresol.You may use ULV Fog machines in your greenhouses safely without be exposed insecticide, pesticides.

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Mini ULV Fogger

Mini ULV Fogger is an ULV fogger that uses cold spraying methods for fogging. This ulv fogger is a personal use fogger with features and specs of a professional fogger, so it can be easily used in commercial applications. Mini ULV Fogger designed as universal fogger that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Mini ULV Fogger  is powered by a powerful 1400W motor. The device features a durable strong body and solution tank. Fogger can be used as a portable fogger and it has got a carrying handle on the top of the unit, Despite to its large capacity solution tank, powerful motor and a body it is pretty light weighting 5.3 kg. Mini ULV fogger has got a large 5 lt solution tank and can be used with both water and oil based solutions. It can spray fogging solutions in 30 feet (9 m) distance.

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